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Skin biopsy is the most commonly used diagnostic investigation favored by the majority of dermatologists. It is virtually free of complications and gives diagnostic information in high proportion of cases, especially if the findings are interpreted by an expert dermatopathologist who has abundant clinical knowledge for clinicopathological correlation. This is because clinicopathological correlation is the gold standard in dermatologic diagnosis and many mysteries can be solved if the patient and the biopsy sections can be viewed together.
However, to achieve optimum results, it is necessary to be consistent while performing skin biopsies. For tips on mastering the technique of doing a punch biopsy, read Dr. Khopkar’s article titled
How to improve diagnostic yield of punch biopsies of the skin?
Dr. Khopkar’s reports are printed on high quality laser color printer with photomicrographs that frequently obviate a clinician’s need to reach for a microscope. The report is accompanies by a glass slide of the biopsy, neatly packed in a slide mailer.
Dr. Khopkar introduced addition of photomicrographs as a routine to all biopsy reports, probably for the first time in India in 1995. This made the reports easy to read, educative and transparent. Besides, they served as a record of the findings, being printed with fade resistant ink.

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